World Educational Organization Network

Mission and Vision

WEO Network Mission is:

    We inform, inspire, digital technologies and humanities content through an integrated public broadcast and WEO network streaming platform that educates the world with programs produced and created by the viewers.


    Produce, sponsor , and broadcast digital humanitarian content for international community building created by our viewers.

    We educate the world.

    The WEO Network is an internet website that streamlines documentaries, news, and educational broadcasts for public view. Additionally, the website will be integrated with a public broadcasting television channel. The documentaries are developed and produced by the viewers.
 WEO Network is committed to serving the international community.

Core Values:

  • We Value Community Building
  • We Value the Underrepresented
  • We Value Education
  • We Value Humanitarian Content
  • We Value Technology
  • We Value Our Viewers
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